Watch Rules No Gentleman Should Ever Break

Are you also a big fan of wearing watches like me coz they are the most elegant accessory a men can wear in the history of styling hey what’s up guys its Manish from everyday styles book here to help you improve your wrist watch game

First you had to decide Which hand to wear the watch whether left or right now there is no rule for choosing the hand in which you want to wear the watch based upon your personal preference or functionality i m a right handed person and  i wear my watch in my left hand so that i can write easily and can see time while you are writing or doing anything with your main hand

The second thing you need to look on while wearing a watch is to wear Right watch on right occasion like if you wearing casual clothes and you even want to stay casual with the watch you can go for a simple quartz watch or if you are like me who like busy dials a little more then you can also go for a chronograph or if you want to look a little casual yet dapper you can wear a metal watch and in dapper option the simple and Minimalist watches always work just make sure of the watch color you should wear a watch which will compliment your outfit don’t wear a watch that gets all the attention after all its an accessory and meant to be enhancing your outfit

That bring me to number third where to wear a watch now again there is no rule for it it again depends on functionality now ideally the should go half a inch before wrist bone now i have seen guy’s wearing watch upon there wrist bone what it does is it block the full range of motion of your hand and in long turn you will get pain in your hand while moving your hand in full range of motion

That takes me to number four the Watch you wear need to be fitted to your wrist it should not be loose not be tight that’s the reason why i love band watches coz you can adjust their size according to the size of your wrist now the watch you wear should not be too tight that it block your blood circulation and not be too loose that its lingering around your wrist ideally a finger should fit between the watch and your hand what it will do is to assure that your blood circulation in not blocking and it will not let the watch to linger around your wrist

That remind me of number five the Size of watch should be according to your wrist if you chose the size bigger then your hand will look small and the watch pops out too much and remember what i said above it is an accessory made to compliment your style not to show by itself but at the same time it should not be very small otherwise it will make your hand look bulky as you can see in the above image the first one the watch is too bulky according to hand that it covers the whole wrist making the wrist look small while in second the watch is nicely fitted and right size as enhancing the overall look of the hand so choose it wisely so that’s all for today will meet you another time with another amazing blog until then good bye and feel free to comment down below what u think and your suggestions  and don’t forget to follow us on our social media handel’s link in the description until next time


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