A hair care routine is one of the most important thing that you can do for yourself from a men’s grooming perspective. Your hair decides up to 60 percent of your looks,
Whoever you are wherever you are in the world your hair will start thinning at some point in life,
For some people it is early and for some it is late all that depend on your genetics
And that’s why when you are young you had to learn how to take care of your hair and your scalp and if you really want to learn about how to take care of that lucious hairs you have you have come to the right place,
So what Good you guys its Manish from

So first things first
Yes we all had very different genetics  but keep in mind that today’s hair care routine is all about hair from a healthcare prospective.
How to take care of your hair, how to wash it correctly
So one ayurveda biggest gift to the world of men’s grooming is
“Oiling your hair”
You gotta oil your hair at least 2-3 times a week.

 Oiling nourishes your hair from within not just it brought shine to your hair it also makes your hair nourish from within as it works on your scalp making your roots even more firm and stronger its helps in fighting the bacteria and fungal infections attacking your hair bcoz of the pollution present in the air and the most important thing it helps to protect your hair and if your hair are already thin you should use it more seriously coz it helps growing your hair betterly and use it for a year you will get those thick hair again and if you are serious about your hairs health you got a start oiling your hair at least 2-3 times a week.

Now this number might vary according to your genetics, if you are someone with oily skin ,oily hair  then you only need to oil it might once or twice a week also keep in mind and you shouldn’t over oil your hair if you oil it too much it makes you prone to dandruff because it clogs all the pores in your hair and that can possibly lead to infections.
One pro tip heat the oil a little bit let it just cool down make but make sure it is warm and apply in your hair, one more pro tip I use  is that I mix up different oils usually I mix up amla oil(gooseberry oil)  with coconut oil and a little bit of cow ghee so that you get a little bit of mix nourishment  so the thing with oiling your hair is that  ideally you should let the oil to stay overnight in your hair atleast  12 hours to let the hair absorb the oil but in our busy lives we all don’t have that much time so 2-3 hours before shower is good  but that’s where the heating tip comes in to place it’s gets the job done in 2-3 hours

so after oiling the next thing is washing 

so before taking you in to the hair wash routine first let me tell you what products you had to use because we are Indian bros we have this kind of hot weather and genetics with oily scalp a lot of us  suffers from dandruff that’s why the number one priority thing you need is an anti dandruff shampoo  i personally like head and shoulder but u can go for any other brand also just keep in mind that these anti dandruff  are very harsh and so  don’t use them for more than once a week, Lot of  Bros like me make this mistake of over doing it with the anti dandruff shampoo they treat the  anti dandruff shampoo like the only shampoo they are  using but that actually spoils the quality of your hair and if you want the protect the quality of your hair, turn towards what the girls use they use mild shampoos like a smoothening shampoo or a nourishing shampoo i will link down some of the recommendation below  and while buying this shampoos they come with certain variables like so and so for silky hair, for rough hair ,for hair growth u can use this shampoo almost about 2-3 times a week or if you had a hectic schedule or field work in which u had to stay in pollution all the day you can also use this shampoos daily also

speaking about dandruff make sure you get your pillow cases clean as an indian bro. A lot of bro Don’t get rid of their dandruff issues because of their pillow cases that they don’t change and keep rubbing thier scalp to it while sleepin and again get the dandruff bacteria that’s collected there so  if you have unmanageable dandruff that’s not going with this anti dandruff shampoos try washing your pillow cases your bed sheets that will help you get rid of that problem

now we have talked about shampoos now the next we are talking about is a oil based product the conditioner
this is also very important part of my own hair care routine and it should also be yours once again turn to the girls why do people use conditioners. now shampoo is good for removing that excess dirt and that build up in your head but this is oil based so you can’t use much of it I don’t advise you using this more than twice a week especially if you have oily hair but if you have dry hairs generally a dry skin this is a great option once again if you are going for a conditioner go for a conditioner that pairs up well with your shampoo. look in the marketing and find  sister pairs of the shampoo and conditioner

Now you have done  washing your hair oiling them and conditioning them you have done a great job but to take your hair game to another level here’s what the thing you have to do additionally
now let us come to the post shower therapy two main ingredients a hair serum and a comb
now a comb helps you in draping your hair but also so it will give a slight massage to your scalp and increasing the blood circulation towards your scalp
now from health benefits serum is not much of a use but look wise it makes your hair shiny and manageable in make sure you always apply  serum to dry hair

so thats it for today make sure to subscribe to aur newsletter  amd follow us on our social media handels for some insights we will meet you next time
until then

stay healthy
stay stylish

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