Whats up guys its Manish Bansal from everydaystylesbook with another interesting topic so lets hope in to it.

Is this happen with u also that there are days when u don’t want to work you feel lazy and just want to be on bed and later you regret that so. no problem coz m there for u .

First of all you need to be less lazy overall and for that you should exercise .Now you need to understand yes there are ways to get instantly charged up which i will tell you later and i know you came here for that , but remaining charged up all the time is better than doing some instant things so get ur ass up go out for a sprint or to gym.

Second thing u can do is you need a spend some bucks for it to get a acupressure kit u will get a thorn plate.
Now place that plate near your bed and and what u have to do is to stand up on that plate for a min whenever you are feeling lazy and you will instantly feel energy flowing all over your body coz it presses your acupressure points and gets you awake and charged up.


Now the third thing u can do is to fill up your stomach with water after waking up, what it will do is it cleanses and cleans your body from inside ,which will freshen up ur mind and you feel refreshed and full of energy coz it remove all that toxins built inside ur body the whole night and moreover it helps to  re-hydrate your body.


Now the forth thing u can do is to have a fruit, now yes u can also have coffee or tea but that will just give u an instant boost of energy for 5-10 min, and then again u start feeling lazy and even caffeine is not good for ur body ,but something like a fruit has fiber, and it will release energy slowly and for a long period of time and It also helps your body to stock up that vitamins or minerals.


The fifth thing u can do is to get ur surroundings clean, now u can’t expect yourself to be charged up at the morning when you woke up and see your room which is like a filthy animals home. but if you woke up in a room where everything is in place and the room is clean you got instantly charged up and feel good. you know the fact that engineers are lazy coz they live in mess, and then later there life becomes a mess i know a lot of people will get offended by this but what can we do its a fact.

The 6th thing u can do is to have a purpose in life, and a lot of people don’t have any purpose to live the life they just become like robots. now having a purpose will get u up and kill that laziness that striking your mind now it can be anything
Like, i need to get fit i need to learn that skill , i need to get that degree or anything u can think of achieving just make a purpose and walk along it

That takes me to the seventh thing ,that you must had to had a goal in your life now a lot of you already say that you had goals, and let me tell u what are your goals like you want to become a billionaire ,you want to become the worlds best model , and a lot other that are super unrealistic, now u need to had goals but the goals must be realistic that u can actually achieve, and get close to your big goals,  not only you will achieve them but u also get a sense of achievement, that will help u a lot in your life . It will increase your confidence and makes you feel good about yourself.

And that takes me to number 9 now you had a realistic goal but how u achieve that you need to plan that. Without proper planning you can’t achieve that goal and again laziness will strike up your mind and if you have a proper planning you will have something to do every time to get close to your goals.


Now you had a goal ,you had a proper planning but u need to understand that not every goal can be achieved .and for that you need to be aware. What awareness does is even if you failed to achieve ur goals ,you will constantly be learning through out the process and that is a big thing.

which takes me to number 10. u need to control yourself or i can say limit yourself in terms of wasting time, that basically break down to use that device less on which you are reading this post, as the constant use of phones for hours stops your mind from developing i know its the most difficult thing ,but you need to understand that those likes and comment on your Instagram ,doesn’t get you anywhere. Limit the amount of time you spend on social media, just start it by decreasing that time 5 mins a week at the end of year you will save up a lot of time.

so that’s all from me today, i will meet you with another post tomorrow coz i also had a goal this week to post a blog everyday . and don’t forget to follow us on our social media handel’s links in the menu. Now i know i m telling you to limit social media and now i m telling you to follow us on social media but our pages are not for entertainment ,they are for helping you to become the best version of yourself

Until then its Manish signing off !

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