How to lose weight for beginners

Damn! I m fat , I Look ugly ,I can never loose weight, i can’t do anything in this life  i will never get girls. IF thats what you keep saying to yourself everyday then you are at the right place so hey guys its Manish from everyday styles book like i have told u earlier its not only a fashion page its a whole lifestyle page from fitness to fashion to travel to spirituality so lets hope in to it

So the year is just started and all of you must have a lot of goals mostly fitness goals. I am talking especially for those obese people who find it super difficult to loose their extra pounds and want to achieve a good body  so first things first

Let me take you to my back story around a year back, i also used to be a obese tried almost every diet and exercise routine from Paleo to Ketogenic, From shredded next lvl to 6 week beach body. I have tried it all i m not saying they are shit regimes but the fault is in me i can’t properly stick to them.  I had a very bad sweet tooth habit that also got me in to type 2 diabetes,

I have researched a lot but nothing works until the day i accepted that the fault is in me its me who has the habit of cheating with personal self, I had desert 6 times a day sometimes i only ate sweet instead of whole food as you know how delicious Indian sweets are, from gulab jamun to kaju katli to western desert like milkshakes and cakes, chocolates i have them all everyday thats to not just one or two i was the person who can have around 20 pieces of kaju katli and 4 pieces of gulab jamun in one go, Now i have told u a lot about what i used to do but now i tell you what are the things i have changed in my lifestyle after which i got successful In shredding that extra pounds of fat from my body i have gone from a 33% body fat to 26% body fat in 14 days
So let me first tell you the things i stopped doing or basically i stopped eating

So all this start on 11 jan  when i got tired of fail attempts of loosing weight because of my bad habits that i used to have

So the first thing i changed is to stop having deserts completely and this  when i mean completely i mean not even a single piece of it
Although i didn’t cut out sugars from my diet completely i still have a teaspoon of sugar in my tea or coffee but i stopped even having fruits as they contain a lot of fructose(derivative of glucose) cause as i told you earlier i have type 2 diabetes and i have to reverse it and every time you have sugars your body produce more insulin to digest sugars and insulin blocks fat loss and if you are an obese in India then 90 % chances are you are going through the same
So leave sugars as much as you can as you have heard at the at its all about calories but trust me and also science its not true.

second major change i made to my life is to do intermittent fasting ,which is a type of eating your food in which you are allowed to eat in a 8 hour window and then a 16 hour fast that hours should be of your choice what i do is to have my first meal at 1 in the noon and last at 9 in the evening. I know some of you might say that what about breakfast as it is called the most important meal of the day but have you ever wondered that where this things came from there’s nothing like this but just a marketing strategy of cereal company to sell their products now its up to you whether you want to do it or not but if you ask me you should do it and it is not very difficult too so you should give it a try

The third thing i do is to appreciate home cooked food it is the most tasty and nourished food you can ever have  only this are the three changes you should made to your life other than just counting your calories as at last if you eat even healthy food more than your maintenance calories you end up gaining weight again so eat in a calorie deficit.

Now i tell you the supplement i added to my diet

I only add two supplement and why supplement they are whole food
1 apple cider vinegar

2 flax seeds
No more than it and if you eat fish you don’t even need flax seeds but i depend mostly on a plant based diet

So as it is the new year you should make this changes to your life the earlier you make it the farther you will go  otherwise in 2020 your resolution will again be this  so i will list down the supplement links i use if you want you can give them a try no promotion nothing just you big brother telling you what he uses and work for him the best
If you want to ask me any other questions you can dm me on Instagram i will surely reply
And Don’t forget to follow us on our social media handels as i say i m still losing that extra pounds you can go with me with your progress and get in the best shape by the end of this year only and not making the same resolution in 2020

Apple Cider Vinegar :

flax seeds:



Until next time

stay healthy

stay stylish

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