How To Have Clear Skin

Are you also the guy who skip parties and functions just beacuse of that pimples all around your face is that so then you have come to the right place.

Now i have dealt with a lot of acne in my middle teens and i know how it feels it is definitely a confidence killer and like everybody i also tried a lot of things but nothing work until i do the things which i will tell you so hey whatsup its your guy Manish from everyday styles book here to give u tips or a backstory of the things i do to get rid of all those acne and marks so lets hop in to it

Now to have a problem solved you need to go to the root cause of it and in this case you must have a lot of questions that i answer based on my personal experience

Your skin had 3 diff layers now the acne appears on the uppermost layer of skin which had tiny pores with oil glands inside it you are all day out inside dust and dirt blocking all those tiny pores which prevents the oil produced by your oil glands thus causing acne now you cant stop yourself from going out and i don't even want to
What you had to do is

  • No 1 on the list
    Use a facewash that is antibacterial as well as if you had oily or combination skin you must use a foaming antibacterial facewash like the one i use
    I make sure you will get the link of it  at the end not a product placement but a personal recommendation from your brother use this facewash twice a day like you brush your teeth once after you wake up and one before you fall asleep

  • Second thing u need to do is to use a moisturizer now you had washed your face removed all that dust dirt and with them extra oils now your skin is dry and you need to moisturize it before the oil glands fill it up again with oil thus again causing acne a pro tip use a moisturizer with some spf in it coz it also protects your skin from that harmful. UV radiation.


  • Third thing u need to do is to use a black charcoal mask every other week or you can say once in every 2 weeks what it do is it will remove all that dirt thats hidden deep inside your skin and also remove those black and white heads making your skin more clean and glowing skin that you always wanted


  • The fourth and the last thing u need to do is to leave sugars and desest now i m not a nutritionist and i also dont know the scientific reason behind it but quitting sugar helps you a lot in getting rid of your acne around a year back i had a problem of sweet tooth and also a lot of acne tried almost every expensive product out there for sale but nothing works and when i left sugars for loosing some weight i got too see my skin clearer week by week

  • the fifth thing you can do is to stop using the same cleanser and scrubs and other products over and over again try changing the products u use and coz not every product is made for everybody try diff products to find the best for yourself

So thats all for today will meet you again with an another amazing blog until the stay healthy stay stylish and for more such content follow us on our social media handels links below

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