Are you the one who are jelaous of the guys who seems attractive to girls and always get jelaous of them then my boy u have come to the right place what’s up it’s Manish from everyday styles book with 6 things attractive men’s do and if you do you can also be attractive

Now first what u see in a attractive guy is that they approach everybody with confidence now and even in front of girls if you don’t approach her with a mindset that she will not like you your chances in front of her came from 100 to a 0  and believe me girls want guys to talk to them and if you are standing on the side thinking i want to go talk to her and just thinking and thinking then my boy you don’t had any chance

For more tips to get rid of nervousness in front of girls i will link to that at the end

Second thing you need to do is to stay hygeinic don’t let your chest hair look out of your shirt or your nails to fill up with that gunk and thank takes to your grooming habits now it’s 2018 and you need not be clean shaven to look professional yes you can have a beard and look professional with taking proper care of it you need to make sure that your beard is on point shave off that neck hairs scape your beard, grain your beard or anything just make sure that your grooming is on point all the time

Now if you want to take your grooming to next level the you should Smell good now no body want to get close to a person of smell bad. use a colonge ,a deodrant or ant roll on or anything but make sureyou are not smelling bad but don’t use  that cheap tacky deodrant from axe a colonge I’d always the best option and try to develop a natural smell stay hygeinic workout get sweat eat less salts and you will develop a natural attractive smell

The third area u should focus on is your eyebrows make sure.the are property maintained there should not be any unibrow the eyebrows should be shaped properly every two weeks but make sure you don’t shape your eyebrows so much that it will look girlish


Now the most common trait of any attractive guys is their presence the way he walk the way he stands the way he approach people that makes him stand out of the crowd make sure you body posture is always on point , your shoulders should not slouch you should.walk with your back staright  chin up chest out and you will be perceived as the most attractive man in the room

The last and the most common trait every attractive man has is they make eye contact with the with the person whom they are talking to now making a contract can be difficult as it is a skill  that can be learnt very easily but you need need to spend a little time to learn it yes I contact in train will be count as an eye contact and more it will make you look creepy practice I contact with yourself in the mirror and make sure that it will not last more than 3 seconds and not less than 3 seconds so that’s all for today you will I will meet you with

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