5 Style Mistakes Most Men Make


Now i know that somethings which are a mistakle for me may not be a mistake for u but not only this mistakes make you look unstylish but can also decrease your chances in front of that crush of yours


Number 1 in the list

Having a hair cut that doesn’t match your face structure 

i had seen people with a hair cut that looks so you need to understand that 60% of your looks are decided by your hair and as the are the most important factor in your overall looks they should be always on point and you must have a hairstyle that matches your face and if u are confused for that don’t worry your why am i here stay tuned for the the hairstyle video


Number 2 in the list

only focusing on trends and not in creating your personal style 

first invest on the basics like your dress shirts your polos your denims and once your basics are covered the invest on the trends coz if your basics are complete then you always had clothes to back on you on any occasion




Number 3 in the list

wearing clothes that doesn’t fit u right

wearing unfitted clothes not only make you look like a douche bag but also ruin your overall style no matter how trendy and expensive clothe you buy if they don’t fit right the dont look good


Number 4 in the list

going tooo much on accessories

 this is the thing which every man need to understand believe me you don’t need too much accessories the only accessories you need is a nice watch and if you want more that just a minimal bracelets


and finally the Number 5 in  the list is or i can say the most important one

body posture

now i can talk about it the whole day keep ur body posture on point always wrong body posture not only cause you joint pains nut also ruins all ur confidence and style as clothes are made according to a proper body posture so take care of that droopy shoulders stand tall chest out and shoulders staright and chin in front

that’s all for today stay tuned for style content that gets brewed here everyday

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