Everybody Knows that having attractive eyes is definitely a great trait in a persons personality but it is also true that not all of us blessed with those blue colored or deep eyes especially when you are talking to a girl or in intimate situations as it is the most attractive part of a man’s face and will i let this stop you and me from becoming the most attractive men HELL!! NOO!! but this doesn’t mean you can’t have those attractive eyes you desire  whats up guys it’s Manish Bansal from everyday styles book here in front of you to give you some tips for achieving that beautiful eyes that you dream’t of

lets talk about the area you cant change of course you cant change the  yes it is your pupils you cant change its color or size yes you can change it with the help of lenses nut that will harm your eyes and when it comes to me i cant take any risk with my eyes coz i only get one pair of this but what you can actually change is the color of your whites now if u have discolored whites i.e.

red yellow your eyes can never look attractive but wait as i  said you can change it and if i m here how can i leave you alone now the color of your whites tells you a lot about your body’s health i.e if you have red or blood shot eyes it indicates an allergy or lack of sleep

now red eyes can be caused by lack of sleep or even irregular sleeping pattern or even the quality of your sleep is not good now to work whole day your eyes must need a rest of at least seven to eight hours like your body u should fix a time to go to bed and waking up or you can also use a sleeping mask for better sleep if you have blood shot eyes  then there must be some allergy u can use some eye drops to corrects it as the more whiter your eye white’s are the more attractive it looks

and if you have yellow eyes it is a simple case of accumulating of a lot of toxins inside your body or it can even be jaundice for correcting it you need to drink a plenty of water now you can judge it buy seeing the color of your urine ideally it should be transparent the whole day or it can be little yellowish around 2 hour before sleeping and no shade darker than that and you also need to consume citrus fruits like orange coz it provides your body and eyes with a lot of vitamins and more over it helps you to detoxify your body and the faster your body get rid of all those toxins the faster your eyes become white

Third thing you need to do is to splash cold water in to your at least three times a day what it will do is that it will wash off all the dirt inside your eyes and even the dirt that gets accumulated on your eye lashes you should splash water right after waking up coz at that time the dirt your eyes accumulated previous day comes on top and splashing water on your eyes at that time  removes all that dirt and also you must wash your eyes before sleeping and once between the day


the forth thing you can do is using a eye cream it helps you reduce wrinkles around your eye and even if you do not have wrinkles it prevent you eyes eye area from getting wrinkles you can also use sunglasses coz squeezing your eyes when you are in the sun can also cause wrinkles


that  takes me to number five remove that bad boys from around you eyes yes i m talking about the dark circles now the major cause of dark circles is lack of sleep coz of which the blood starts to accumulate near your eyes and this is the same reason you have red eyes now for an instant fix what you can do is to take two spoons and put them in the freezer for 2 hours and then put that cold spoons from the back side on to the dark circles it helps to release  the  accumulated blood from around your eyes and for a permanent fix there is no other option you need to sleep well and give your eyes some rest


the seventh thing you can do is to have a plenty of water not only it will reduce the toxins of your body and makes your eyes look whiter but it also helps to give that luster on top of your eyes  and believe me that shine definitely makes you look more confident and even girls can’t let themselves away from noticing your eyes



the last and the most important thing you can do is to cut out or at least minimize the use of  caffeine or alcohol as both of these dehydrates your body and if you read this up to here you must know what dehydration can do to your eyes sop that basically it for today i will meet you soon with another amazing blog like this feel free to use the comment section below to give ur opinion or suggestions and don’t forget to follow us on our social media handel’s  links in the menu  until then good bye and as i always say




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